Project Update March 2014

PC in studioNow that the vital and massive task of gathering the initial heritage content for Digital Bridgend is coming to a close, thought it’s time to give a quick update by outlining what’s next.

Thanks to everyone who has helped provide information and content to James who has been busy making sense of the incredible wealth of heritage that we have locally. It really has been an eye opener at times unearthing some real gems too. The next stage is to put all this into a smartphone/tablet application that will aim to entertain and provide users with a thorough insight into our heritage in Bridgend in the process. Once all the content for the app has been selected and filtered (as we cant include everything of course!) and we are clear on how the app will work and what it will do, we’ll update you again on how things are taking shape on the technical front, but for now, as the expert app developers take over one aspect of the project, we can start focussing on another.

Over the coming weeks, we will start looking at what apps and digital channels already exist that we can take advantage of in order to promote our heritage content. So we’ll be exploring these channels in turn, investigating how best they can be applied to Digital Bridgend and sourcing some new examples of heritage interpretation. We will also start turning our attention towards how we can develop digital interpretation skills in the local community and improve the working knowledge in this exciting and ever evolving area of heritage presentation. The wifi potential at each of the hubs is currently being explored too, so hopefully we’ll be in a position soon to report back on those findings. Watch this space.


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