Smartphone applications: What is Munzee?


Munzee is a relatively new smartphone and tablet application that offers users a chance to play a scavenger hunt game where places have to be found in the real world.
The game is similar to Geocaching but makes use of QR code technology and device GPS to guide users to find ‘Munzees’ which are a form of specific often weather proof printed QR codes that can be purchased and downloaded from the Munzee store, or even as window stickers for shop windows etc. The fact that the application relies on displaying a tangible item in certain locations can be a drawback, but it can also be a positive way to promote that a destination is active in this arena and is currently offering a Munzee experience.
Munzee trails can be set up very easily and made available on the application immediately for visitors to an area to enjoy. Once Munzees are found, the user scans them and additional information about that point of interest is presented. This can be text, commentary or even a video. Once found the user is also awarded virtual points and as more Munzees are scanned, more points are accumulated. There are currently over 1 million Munzees deployed worldwide and rather than offering visitors a permanent Munzee trail, some destinations run Munzee events that offer the experience for a limited time only.


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