Smartphone applications: What is Toozla?


Toozla is a unique mobile service that combines a global positioning system with audio tours and stories, user content, and local information, to provide an all-in-one travel guide that can be accessed by visitors through their mobile devices.

With Toozla users can record their own audio commentaries directly from a mobile device and publish this in seconds for the benefit of others. The commentary is anchored to a point on the globe where recorded (eg a particular place of worship) and Toozla users (who have the app loaded onto their mobile devices) can listen to the voice notes within 50 meters radius from the point of interest.

With Toozla there is no map, instead when a visitor arrives in range of something interesting, the software informs them about it and provides commentary automatically .This is very useful given the spontaneous nature of the majority of visitors to places of worship. The app also uses augmented reality to show comments made by previous visitors on location via the mobile device’s screen.

Toozla users today have access to over 170,000 Wikipedia articles which are converted to audio using text to speech technology, but its the functionality that allows users to record their own reviews of attractions for others that is particularly useful. As Toozla is designed to be a platform for individuals and companies to create audio guides for others to enjoy, it is expected to grow massively in the near future.

For a demonstration showing how Toozla works in practice, see


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