Using smartphone applications to promote our heritage. A FREE opportunity.

Happy New Year everyone, hope you had a nice Christmas and 2014.

A key component of the Digital Bridgend project over the next couple of months is the digital training element that is open to businesses, volunteer groups and anyone interested in wanting to develop some new skills particularly in the area of digital mobile applications.

The intention is for the heritage sector in Bridgend to make use of a number of innovative smartphone mobile applications that are freely available and being used by tourists globally as they seek to be informed and entertained at the destination which they are visiting. The Digital Bridgend project provides tuition on how the heritage and tourism sectors can make full use of these applications in order to promote local history in a more contemporary and innovative way. Above all, these applications that are gaining in popularity throughout the world, are free for us to use too!

Following this post, I will be outlining what applications we are going to be concentrating on and tuition is open to any business, organisation or individual in Bridgend who wants to promote our local heritage. Should you be interested in discussing how any of these applications can help your organisation, I would be more than happy to meet you in person to talk it through. If I have already met you to discuss this, please read through the below and perhaps select one application that you might want to use in the first instance, and then get back to me so we can schedule a 2 hour slot to curate the necessary content and publish it via your chosen application. You can if you desire receive tuition in using them all but at the very least, focussing on ne to start with is sensible. (All sessions will also include instruction n how to use Instagram to promote our local heritage which is straight forward yet very effective!)

Many thanks indeed, and thanks to those who have already booked their slots, I’m looking forward to working with you to help place the heritage sector in Bridgend firmly on the digital map of Wales.

The applications you can chose from:

1. Sighter

2. Munzee

3. Toozla

4. Scvngr

5. History Pin

6. Peoples Collection Wales

7. Photo Sphere

Kind regards
Tel: 07747866052


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