About Digital Bridgend

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The Digital Bridgend project is a new and exciting development for the county that aims to place Bridgend as a leader in the field of providing heritage interpretation via digital means.

With more and more people owning smartphones and tablets and increasingly using these devices to access all sorts of information, Digital Bridgend looks to capitalise on this trend and provide these users with an exceptional experience whilst ‘out and about’ in the county borough.

The project will centre its activity around 6 local places of interest.  These will be known as our ‘digital hubs’ and by developing the content and technical capabilities at each site, they will become exemplars of best practice in contemporary heritage interpretation.

The overall aim at the hubs will be to ensure that visitors are educated, entertained and left massively impressed with the digital experience that will be available and easily accessible. The experience should become appealing enough to attract people to Bridgend in its own right.

The six heritage hubs proposed for this project are:

Bridgend and its Castles
Porthcawl and Coast
Ogmore Valley
Garw Valley
Industrial Times
Maesteg and Llynfi Valley

The hubs have all been identified as a result of extensive consultation with local stakeholders who have helped identify gaps and opportunities for improved interpretation.  The project will also engage with wider stakeholders including local businesses and of course the local community in general.  Interpretation plans for each hub will be created and a specialist digital company employed to develop each hub to its full potential.

Central to the project is the development of digital skills in the local community via workshops and study tours. It is hoped that presenting digital information in a more contemporary, dynamic and entertaining way will help attract and sustain interest in our unique heritage, to help build on the legacy of this project in the future.

The Digital Bridgend project is supported with resources from Bridgend County Borough Council, The Heritage Lottery Fund, Welsh Government and the European Regional Development Fund.

This blog aims to keep all stakeholders involved with the project up to speed with developments and other relevant information too.


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