Smartphone applications: What is Scvngr?


Google backed SCVNGR is a social location-based gaming platform for mobile phones that allow visitors to explore destinations in a game-like fashion. It can often encourage users off the beaten track to help spread the benefits of tourism whilst providing the visitor with a richer experience.

By visiting places and undertaking challenges, players can earn points. They are also able to broadcast their Scvngr activity through social media and thus raising further awareness online of a heritage trail for example. By completing challenges, players can unlock badges and real-world rewards, such as discounts or free items.

The app has the built in capability to build trails in towns and in individual attractions. Heritage and historical points of interest can be presented and challenges set that aid the understanding and interpretation of a particular site.

Since the release of it’s iPhone and Android apps, users were downloading the app at a rate of 5,000 per day and it now has millions of users worldwide. In the heritage sector, it is said to address the desire people have for a social experience when visiting heritage attractions such as museums at a destination.


Video showing how to play Scvngr:
Video showing how to build a trail, challenge or reward on Scvngr:
Case study – Norfolk self guided tours using Scvngr:
Case study – New York heritage trail:
Case study – The Museum of London:


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